Buyers Guide & Tools

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to purchase a new house, but what do you do next?!

First Step:

Contact us to begin the home buying process. We will meet at our office to discuss your initial questions and review the necessary documents to get started. By working with a Kirnan agent, you’ll have a true professional to guide you through the process!

Getting Pre Approved:

This is an important step so we know how much you can afford verse how much you’d like to spend. Having a pre-approval letter is a must when we start submitting offers, so it’s best to get this taken care of early in the process. We can provide recommendations for local Syracuse area lenders as well. Use our home mortgage calculator for a quick glimpse at your monthly payment.

Where To Look For Houses:

Search for homes at kirnan.comWe can provide you with information on any house that is for sale in the CNY area, including houses listed with any real estate company on our Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Zillow is great, but our website will be the most accurate for any houses listed on our MLS. We can also provide you info on homes that are advertised as "For Sale by Owner". Start your search for homes here!


Making An Offer:

Once we start looking at homes and you decided to make an offer, we will guide you through all the paperwork and will be there every step of the process. This includes writing up the offer and reviewing all the details so you understand everything. After negotiations and once your offer is accepted, we will work through any inspections, applying for financing, the appraisal process, approval deadlines, and getting to closing.

What Happens at Closing:

You're at the finish line! At the closing, your attorney will meet with you to complete all the necessary paperwork to finalize the transaction. There are lots of documents to sign, but don’t worry, it’s all standard procedure. Once this is complete, you’ll receive the keys and the house will be yours!

Let us help you! Purchasing real estate is a big decision, but as your agent, we will be there every step of the way to ensure you have a smooth experience! Contact Me!